AI Racial Equity: Understanding Sentiment Analysis Artificial Intelligence, Data Security, and Systemic Theory in Criminal Justice Systems

by   Alia Abbas, et al.

Various forms of implications of artificial intelligence that either exacerbate or decrease racial systemic injustice have been explored in this applied research endeavor. Taking each thematic area of identifying, analyzing, and debating an systemic issue have been leveraged in investigating merits and drawbacks of using algorithms to automate human decision making in racially sensitive environments. It has been asserted through the analysis of historical systemic patterns, implicit biases, existing algorithmic risks, and legal implications that natural language processing based AI, such as risk assessment tools, have racially disparate outcomes. It is concluded that more litigative policies are needed to regulate and restrict how internal government institutions and corporations utilize algorithms, privacy and security risks, and auditing requirements in order to diverge from racially injustice outcomes and practices of the past.



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