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AI pptX: Robust Continuous Learning for Document Generation with AI Insights

by   Vineeth Ravi, et al.

Business analysts create billions of slide decks, reports and documents annually. Most of these documents have well-defined structure comprising of similar content generated from data. We present 'AI pptX', a novel AI framework for creating and modifying documents as well as extract insights in the form of natural language sentences from data. AI pptX has three main components: (i) a component that translates users' natural language input into 'skills' that encapsulate content editing and formatting commands, (ii) a robust continuously learning component that interacts with users, and (iii) a component that automatically generates hierarchical insights in the form of natural language sentences. We illustrate (i) and (ii) with a study of 18 human users tasked to create a presentation deck and observe the learning capability from a decrease in user-input commands by up to 45 capability of AI pptX with experimental simulations of non-collaborative users. We illustrate (i) and (iii) by automatically generating insights in natural language using a data set from the Electricity Transmission Network of France (RTE); we show that a complex statistical analysis of series can automatically be distilled into easily interpretable explanations called AI Insights.


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