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AI-HRI Brings New Dimensions to Human-Aware Design for Human-Aware AI

by   Richard G. Freedman, et al.
Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT)

Since the first AI-HRI held at the 2014 AAAI Fall Symposium Series, a lot of the presented research and discussions have emphasized how artificial intelligence (AI) developments can benefit human-robot interaction (HRI). This portrays HRI as an application, a source of domain-specific problems to solve, to the AI community. Likewise, this portrays AI as a tool, a source of solutions available for relevant problems, to the HRI community. However, members of the AI-HRI research community will point out that the relationship has a deeper synergy than matchmaking problems and solutions – there are insights from each field that impact how the other one thinks about the world and performs scientific research. There is no greater opportunity for sharing perspectives at the moment than human-aware AI, which studies how to account for the fact that people are more than a source of data or part of an algorithm. We will explore how AI-HRI can change the way researchers think about human-aware AI, from observation through validation, to make even the algorithmic design process human-aware.


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