Agile Development at Scale: The Next Frontier

by   Torgeir Dingsøyr, et al.

Agile methods have transformed the way software is developed, emphasizing active end-user involvement, tolerance to change, and evolutionary delivery of products. The first special issue on agile development described the methods as focusing on "feedback and change". These methods have led to major changes in how software is developed. Scrum is now the most common framework for development in most countries, and other methods like extreme programming (XP) and elements of lean software development and Kanban are widely used. What started as a bottom-up movement amongst software practitioners and consultants has been taken up by major international consulting companies who prescribe agile development, particularly for contexts where learning and innovation are key. Agile development methods have attracted interest primarily in software engineering, but also in a number of other disciplines including information systems and project management. The agile software development methods were originally targeted towards small, co-located development teams, but are increasingly applied in other contexts. They were initially used to develop Web systems and internal IT systems, but are now used in a range of domains, including mission-critical systems. Methods that were designed for single teams of 5-9 developers have been adapted for use in projects with tens of teams, hundreds of developers, which can involve integration with hundreds of existing systems and affect hundreds of thousands of users.



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