Agent-Based Software Testing: A Definition and Systematic Mapping Study

by   Pavithra Perumal Kumaresen, et al.

The emergence of new technologies in software testing has increased the automation and flexibility of the testing process. In this context, the adoption of agents in software testing remains an active research area in which various agent methodologies, architectures, and tools are employed to improve different test problems. Even though research that investigates agents in software testing has been growing, these agent-based techniques should be considered in a broader perspective. In order to provide a comprehensive overview of this research area, which we define as agent-based software testing (ABST), a systematic mapping study has been conducted. This mapping study aims to identify the topics studied within ABST, as well as examine the adopted research methodologies, identify the gaps in the current research and point to directions for future ABST research. Our results suggest that there is an interest in ABST after 1999 that resulted in the development of solutions using reactive, BDI, deliberative and cooperate agent architectures for software testing. In addition, most of the ABST approaches are designed using the JADE framework, have targeted the Java programming language, and are used at system-level testing for functional, non-functional and white-box testing. In regards to regression testing, our results indicate a research gap that could be addressed in future studies.



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