Age-Aware Stochastic Hybrid Systems: Stability, Solutions, and Applications

by   Ali Maatouk, et al.

In this paper, we analyze status update systems modeled through the Stochastic Hybrid Systems (SHSs) tool. Contrary to previous works, we allow the system's transition dynamics to be functions of the Age of Information (AoI). This dependence allows us to encapsulate many applications and opens the door for more sophisticated systems to be studied. However, this same dependence on the AoI engenders technical and analytical difficulties that we address in this paper. Specifically, we first showcase several characteristics of the age processes modeled through the SHSs tool. Then, we provide a framework to establish the Lagrange stability and positive recurrence of these processes. Building on this, we provide an approach to compute the m-th moment of the age processes. Interestingly, this technique allows us to approximate the average age by solving a simple set of linear equations. Equipped with this approach, we also provide a sequential convex approximation method to optimize the average age by calibrating the parameters of the system. Finally, we consider an age-dependent CSMA environment where the backoff duration depends on the instantaneous age. By leveraging our analysis, we contrast its performance to the age-blind CSMA and showcase the age performance gain provided by the former.


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