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Aesthetics, Personalization and Recommendation: A survey on Deep Learning in Fashion

by   Wei Gong, et al.

Machine learning is completely changing the trends in the fashion industry. From big to small every brand is using machine learning techniques in order to improve their revenue, increase customers and stay ahead of the trend. People are into fashion and they want to know what looks best and how they can improve their style and elevate their personality. Using Deep learning technology and infusing it with Computer Vision techniques one can do so by utilizing Brain-inspired Deep Networks, and engaging into Neuroaesthetics, working with GANs and Training them, playing around with Unstructured Data,and infusing the transformer architecture are just some highlights which can be touched with the Fashion domain. Its all about designing a system that can tell us information regarding the fashion aspect that can come in handy with the ever growing demand. Personalization is a big factor that impacts the spending choices of customers.The survey also shows remarkable approaches that encroach the subject of achieving that by divulging deep into how visual data can be interpreted and leveraged into different models and approaches. Aesthetics play a vital role in clothing recommendation as users' decision depends largely on whether the clothing is in line with their aesthetics, however the conventional image features cannot portray this directly. For that the survey also highlights remarkable models like tensor factorization model, conditional random field model among others to cater the need to acknowledge aesthetics as an important factor in Apparel recommendation.These AI inspired deep models can pinpoint exactly which certain style resonates best with their customers and they can have an understanding of how the new designs will set in with the community. With AI and machine learning your businesses can stay ahead of the fashion trends.


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