Aesthetical Attributes for Segmenting Arabic Word

04/11/2018 ∙ by Mohamed Hssini, et al. ∙ 0

The connected allograph representing calligraphic Arabic word does not appear individually in any calligraphic resource but in association with other letters all adapted to each other. The graphic segmentation of the word by respecting aesthetical attributes indicating the grapheme of every letter is far from being an obvious task. The question consists in discovering every letter constituting the word, points of cutting which separate its grapheme from other constituents of word's shape. The obtained segment must be a complete drawing of the represented letter. This segmentation according to contextual graphic and qualitative criteria connecting the attached allograph will have to satisfy typographic constraints varying in conformity with the possibilities offered by the wanted technology. In this paper, we develop an approach for segmenting Arabic word from which the purpose is to extract graphemes respecting the design of Arabic letters such as it is in the calligraphic literature. The procedure bases itself on the principle that the Arabic connected letters have a common part included in the cursive area, which must not be lost during the process of cutting.



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