ADVISE: Symbolism and External Knowledge for Decoding Advertisements

11/17/2017 ∙ by Keren Ye, et al. ∙ 1

In order to convey the most content in their limited space, advertisements embed references to outside knowledge via symbolism. For example, a motorcycle stands for adventure (a positive property the ad wants associated with the product being sold), and a gun stands for danger (a negative property to dissuade viewers from undesirable behaviors). We show how to use symbolic references to better understand the meaning of an ad. We further show how anchoring ad understanding in general-purpose object recognition and image captioning can further improve results. We formulate the ad understanding task as matching the ad image to human-generated statements that describe the action that the ad prompts and the rationale it provides for this action. We greatly outperform the state of the art in this task. We also show additional applications of our learned representations for ranking the slogans of ads, and clustering ads according to their topic.



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