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Adversarially Guided Subgoal Generation for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

by   Vivienne Huiling Wang, et al.

Hierarchical reinforcement learning (HRL) proposes to solve difficult tasks by performing decision-making and control at successively higher levels of temporal abstraction. However, off-policy training in HRL often suffers from the problem of non-stationary high-level decision making since the low-level policy is constantly changing. In this paper, we propose a novel HRL approach for mitigating the non-stationarity by adversarially enforcing the high-level policy to generate subgoals compatible with the current instantiation of the low-level policy. In practice, the adversarial learning can be implemented by training a simple discriminator network concurrently with the high-level policy which determines the compatibility level of subgoals. Experiments with state-of-the-art algorithms show that our approach significantly improves learning efficiency and overall performance of HRL in various challenging continuous control tasks.


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