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Adversarial Shape Learning for Building Extraction in VHR Remote Sensing Images

by   Lei Ding, et al.

Building extraction in VHR RSIs remains to be a challenging task due to occlusion and boundary ambiguity problems. Although conventional convolutional neural networks (CNNs) based methods are capable of exploiting local texture and context information, they fail to capture the shape patterns of buildings, which is a necessary constraint in the human recognition. In this context, we propose an adversarial shape learning network (ASLNet) to model the building shape patterns, thus improving the accuracy of building segmentation. In the proposed ASLNet, we introduce the adversarial learning strategy to explicitly model the shape constraints, as well as a CNN shape regularizer to strengthen the embedding of shape features. To assess the geometric accuracy of building segmentation results, we further introduced several object-based assessment metrics. Experiments on two open benchmark datasets show that the proposed ASLNet improves both the pixel-based accuracy and the object-based measurements by a large margin. The code is available at:


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