Adversarial Logit Pairing

by   Harini Kannan, et al.

In this paper, we develop improved techniques for defending against adversarial examples at scale. First, we implement the state of the art version of adversarial training at unprecedented scale on ImageNet and investigate whether it remains effective in this setting - an important open scientific question (Athalye et al., 2018). Next, we introduce enhanced defenses using a technique we call logit pairing, a method that encourages logits for pairs of examples to be similar. When applied to clean examples and their adversarial counterparts, logit pairing improves accuracy on adversarial examples over vanilla adversarial training; we also find that logit pairing on clean examples only is competitive with adversarial training in terms of accuracy on two datasets. Finally, we show that adversarial logit pairing achieves the state of the art defense on ImageNet against PGD white box attacks, with an accuracy improvement from 1.5 damages the current state of the art defense against black box attacks on ImageNet (Tramer et al., 2018), dropping its accuracy from 66.6 this new accuracy drop, adversarial logit pairing ties with Tramer et al.(2018) for the state of the art on black box attacks on ImageNet.



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