Advanced Data Augmentation Approaches: A Comprehensive Survey and Future directions

by   Teerath Kumar, et al.
Dublin City University
ADAPT Centre

Deep learning (DL) algorithms have shown significant performance in various computer vision tasks. However, having limited labelled data lead to a network overfitting problem, where network performance is bad on unseen data as compared to training data. Consequently, it limits performance improvement. To cope with this problem, various techniques have been proposed such as dropout, normalization and advanced data augmentation. Among these, data augmentation, which aims to enlarge the dataset size by including sample diversity, has been a hot topic in recent times. In this article, we focus on advanced data augmentation techniques. we provide a background of data augmentation, a novel and comprehensive taxonomy of reviewed data augmentation techniques, and the strengths and weaknesses (wherever possible) of each technique. We also provide comprehensive results of the data augmentation effect on three popular computer vision tasks, such as image classification, object detection and semantic segmentation. For results reproducibility, we compiled available codes of all data augmentation techniques. Finally, we discuss the challenges and difficulties, and possible future direction for the research community. We believe, this survey provides several benefits i) readers will understand the data augmentation working mechanism to fix overfitting problems ii) results will save the searching time of the researcher for comparison purposes. iii) Codes of the mentioned data augmentation techniques are available at iv) Future work will spark interest in research community.


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