ADR-Lite: A Low-Complexity Adaptive Data Rate Scheme for the LoRa Network

by   Reza Serati, et al.
University of Oulu
Universität Passau

The long-range and low energy consumption requirements in Internet of Things (IoT) applications have led to a new wireless communication technology known as Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWANs). In recent years, the Long Range (LoRa) protocol has gained a lot of attention as one of the most promising technologies in LPWAN. Choosing the right combination of transmission parameters is a major challenge in the LoRa networks. In LoRa, an Adaptive Data Rate (ADR) mechanism is executed to configure each End Device's (ED) transmission parameters, resulting in improved performance metrics. In this paper, we propose a link-based ADR approach that aims to configure the transmission parameters of EDs by making a decision without taking into account the history of the last received packets, resulting in a relatively low space complexity approach. In this study, we present four different scenarios for assessing performance, including a scenario where mobile EDs are considered. Our simulation results show that in a mobile scenario with high channel noise, our proposed algorithm's Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) is 2.8 times outperforming the original ADR and 1.35 times that of other relevant algorithms.


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