Addressing Packet Dropping Misbehavior using Metaheuristic Approach: A Survey

by   Kishan N. Patel, et al.

A Mobile Ad hoc Network can be said as a collection of mobile nodes, which builds a dynamic topology and a resource constrained network. Due to dynamic nature routing is challenging in MANET. In Mobile Ad hoc Networks different type of attack is possible. By manipulation in routing and attacks against data are reasoned by malicious nodes. MANETs are susceptible to various attacks from selfish nodes. To defeat those problems security is demanded for preventing node from various attacks. Metaheuristic techniques are used for addressing a problem found in ad hoc networks such as routing, security and optimization. A lot of research has been carried out for secure routing process with metaheuristic approaches. In this paper, we present survey of metaheuristic approach to improve routing process by enhancing the security and optimization among different nodes in mobile ad hoc networks.



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