Additive Models for Symmetric Positive-Definite Matrices, Riemannian Manifolds and Lie groups

by   Zhenhua Lin, et al.

In this paper an additive regression model for a symmetric positive-definite matrix valued response and multiple scalar predictors is proposed. The model exploits the abelian group structure inherited from either the Log-Cholesky metric or the Log-Euclidean framework that turns the space of symmetric positive-definite matrices into a Riemannian manifold and further a bi-invariant Lie group. The additive model for responses in the space of symmetric positive-definite matrices with either of these metrics is shown to connect to an additive model on a tangent space. This connection not only entails an efficient algorithm to estimate the component functions but also allows to generalize the proposed additive model to general Riemannian manifolds that might not have a Lie group structure. Optimal asymptotic convergence rates and normality of the estimated component functions are also established. Numerical studies show that the proposed model enjoys superior numerical performance, especially when there are multiple predictors. The practical merits of the proposed model are demonstrated by analyzing diffusion tensor brain imaging data.



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