Adding Interactivity to Education of Complex Wireless Networks Using Digital Game-Based Learning

by   Seungmo Kim, et al.

Can we make undergraduate engineering education easier and more fun? This research aims to see if we can answer the ambitious question! The digital game-based learning (DGBL) has been found to increase the efficacy of learning when applied in engineering classes thanks to its ability to make students feel easy and fun. However, the state-of-the-art DGBL schemes still observe challenges in various aspects including cost, efficacy, readiness of instructors and students, etc. Motivated from the challenges, this research proposes to design a DGBL platform that features visualized and systematic views. Specifically, we identify the blockchain applied to wireless communications and networking systems as a key ecosystem that we capitalize the benefit of the proposed platform.. As such, in this paper, we lay out a comprehensive DGBL pedagogy that includes (i) creation of relevant assignment activities and class materials in a relevant course and (ii) evaluation of the pedagogical efficacy. In a long-term view, a successful delivery of this research will increase the confidence of undergraduate engineering students on the "in-concert" dynamics of various factors determining the performance of a blockchain system built on a wireless network.



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