Adaptive Reversible Watermarking Based on Linear Prediction for Medical Videos

by   Hamidreza Zarrabi, et al.

Reversible video watermarking can guarantee that the original watermark and the original frame can be recovered from the watermarked frame without any distortion. Although reversible video watermarking has successfully been applied in multimedia, but its application has not been extensively explored in medical videos. Reversible watermarking in medical videos is still a challenging problem. The existing reversible video watermarking algorithms, which are based on error prediction expansion, use motion vectors for prediction. In this study, we propose an adaptive reversible watermarking method for medical videos. We suggest to use temporal correlations for improving the prediction accuracy. Hence, two temporal neighbor pixels in upcoming frames are used alongside the four spatial rhombus neighboring pixels to minimize the prediction error. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time this method is applied for medical videos. The method helps to protect patients' personal and medical information by watermarking, i.e. increase the security of Health Information Systems (HIS). Experimental results demonstrate a high quality watermarking based on PSNR metric and a large capacity for data hiding on medical videos.


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