Adaptive Multi-Agent E-Learning Recommender Systems

by   Nethra Viswanathan, et al.

Educational recommender systems have become a necessity in the recent years due to overload of available educational resource which makes it difficult for an individual to manually hunt for the required resource on the internet. E-learning recommender systems simplify the tedious task of gathering the right web pages and web documents from the scattered world wide web repositories according to every users' requirements thus increasing the demand and hence the curiosity to study them. Retrieval of a handful of recommendations from a very huge collection of web pages using different recommendation techniques becomes a productive and time efficient process when the system functions with a set of cooperative agents. The system is also required to keep up with the changing user interests and web resources in the dynamic web environment, and hence adaptivity is an important factor in determining the efficiency of recommender systems. The paper provides an overview of such adaptive multi-agent e-learning recommender systems and the concepts employed to implement them. It precisely provides all the information required by a researcher who wants to study the state-of-the-art work on such systems thus enabling him to decide on the implementation concepts for his own system.


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