Adaptive Intelligent Spider Robot

by   Rozita Teymourzadeh, et al.

This paper presents the development of an adaptive intelligent spider robot. With the incorporation of sensors, the four-legged spider robot is able to monitor the environment wirelessly. A new auto-station adaptation National Instrument (NI) controller in the application for an intelligent robot is proposed. The research work will solve the weak adaptive ability of conventional existing robot. The proposed project proposes a self-adaptive smart spider robot that functions without human interfacing. The proposed design utilizes the control scheme with National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW to produce a smart portable system. Furthermore, the adaptive intelligent spider robot easily adapts to new situations when facing obstacles. The design is carried out using feedback loop schematic LabVIEW interfacing with the smart controller and incorporation of GH-311 Ultrasonic Sensor to detect any obstacle in front of the robot, GH-312 Smoke Sensor which use to detect smoke in the particular area and LM35 Temperature sensor to get the temperature for the surround. The proposed module was designed and implemented using movable wireless Router Module TP-Link TL-MR3420 Router transceiver for device communication. The robot was tested and analyzed showing the system efficiency of above 95



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