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Adaptive A/B Tests and Simultaneous Treatment Parameter Optimization

by   Yuhang Wu, et al.

Constructing asymptotically valid confidence intervals through a valid central limit theorem is crucial for A/B tests, where a classical goal is to statistically assert whether a treatment plan is significantly better than a control plan. In some emerging applications for online platforms, the treatment plan is not a single plan, but instead encompasses an infinite continuum of plans indexed by a continuous treatment parameter. As such, the experimenter not only needs to provide valid statistical inference, but also desires to effectively and adaptively find the optimal choice of value for the treatment parameter to use for the treatment plan. However, we find that classical optimization algorithms, despite of their fast convergence rates under convexity assumptions, do not come with a central limit theorem that can be used to construct asymptotically valid confidence intervals. We fix this issue by providing a new optimization algorithm that on one hand maintains the same fast convergence rate and on the other hand permits the establishment of a valid central limit theorem. We discuss practical implementations of the proposed algorithm and conduct numerical experiments to illustrate the theoretical findings.


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