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AdaGDA: Faster Adaptive Gradient Descent Ascent Methods for Minimax Optimization

by   Feihu Huang, et al.

In the paper, we propose a class of faster adaptive gradient descent ascent methods for solving the nonconvex-strongly-concave minimax problems by using unified adaptive matrices used in the SUPER-ADAM <cit.>. Specifically, we propose a fast adaptive gradient decent ascent (AdaGDA) method based on the basic momentum technique, which reaches a low sample complexity of O(κ^4ϵ^-4) for finding an ϵ-stationary point without large batches, which improves the existing result of adaptive minimax optimization method by a factor of O(√(κ)). Moreover, we present an accelerated version of AdaGDA (VR-AdaGDA) method based on the momentum-based variance reduced technique, which achieves the best known sample complexity of O(κ^3ϵ^-3) for finding an ϵ-stationary point without large batches. Further assume the bounded Lipschitz parameter of objective function, we prove that our VR-AdaGDA method reaches a lower sample complexity of O(κ^2.5ϵ^-3) with the mini-batch size O(κ). In particular, we provide an effective convergence analysis framework for our adaptive methods based on unified adaptive matrices, which include almost existing adaptive learning rates.


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