Activity-Aware Deep Cognitive Fatigue Assessment using Wearables

by   Mohammad Arif Ul Alam, et al.

Cognitive fatigue has been a common problem among workers which has become an increasing global problem since the emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. While existing multi-modal wearable sensors-aided automatic cognitive fatigue monitoring tools have focused on physical and physiological sensors (ECG, PPG, Actigraphy) analytic on specific group of people (say gamers, athletes, construction workers), activity-awareness is utmost importance due to its different responses on physiology in different person. In this paper, we propose a novel framework, Activity-Aware Recurrent Neural Network (AcRoNN), that can generalize individual activity recognition and improve cognitive fatigue estimation significantly. We evaluate and compare our proposed method with state-of-art methods using one real-time collected dataset from 5 individuals and another publicly available dataset from 27 individuals achieving max. 19



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