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Active stereo vision three-dimensional reconstruction by RGB dot pattern projection and ray intersection

by   Yongcan Shuang, et al.

Active stereo vision is important in reconstructing objects without obvious textures. However, it is still very challenging to extract and match the projected patterns from two camera views automatically and robustly. In this paper, we propose a new pattern extraction method and a new stereo vision matching method based on our novel structured light pattern. Instead of using the widely used 2D disparity to calculate the depths of the objects, we use the ray intersection to compute the 3D shapes directly. Experimental results showed that the proposed approach could reconstruct the 3D shape of the object significantly more robustly than state of the art methods that include the widely used disparity based active stereo vision method, the time of flight method and the structured light method. In addition, experimental results also showed that the proposed approach could reconstruct the 3D motions of the dynamic shapes robustly.


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