Active Predictive Coding: A Unified Neural Framework for Learning Hierarchical World Models for Perception and Planning

by   Rajesh P. N. Rao, et al.

Predictive coding has emerged as a prominent model of how the brain learns through predictions, anticipating the importance accorded to predictive learning in recent AI architectures such as transformers. Here we propose a new framework for predictive coding called active predictive coding which can learn hierarchical world models and solve two radically different open problems in AI: (1) how do we learn compositional representations, e.g., part-whole hierarchies, for equivariant vision? and (2) how do we solve large-scale planning problems, which are hard for traditional reinforcement learning, by composing complex action sequences from primitive policies? Our approach exploits hypernetworks, self-supervised learning and reinforcement learning to learn hierarchical world models that combine task-invariant state transition networks and task-dependent policy networks at multiple abstraction levels. We demonstrate the viability of our approach on a variety of vision datasets (MNIST, FashionMNIST, Omniglot) as well as on a scalable hierarchical planning problem. Our results represent, to our knowledge, the first demonstration of a unified solution to the part-whole learning problem posed by Hinton, the nested reference frames problem posed by Hawkins, and the integrated state-action hierarchy learning problem in reinforcement learning.


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