ACP: Automatic Channel Pruning via Clustering and Swarm Intelligence Optimization for CNN

by   Jingfei Chang, et al.

As the convolutional neural network (CNN) gets deeper and wider in recent years, the requirements for the amount of data and hardware resources have gradually increased. Meanwhile, CNN also reveals salient redundancy in several tasks. The existing magnitude-based pruning methods are efficient, but the performance of the compressed network is unpredictable. While the accuracy loss after pruning based on the structure sensitivity is relatively slight, the process is time-consuming and the algorithm complexity is notable. In this article, we propose a novel automatic channel pruning method (ACP). Specifically, we firstly perform layer-wise channel clustering via the similarity of the feature maps to perform preliminary pruning on the network. Then a population initialization method is introduced to transform the pruned structure into a candidate population. Finally, we conduct searching and optimizing iteratively based on the particle swarm optimization (PSO) to find the optimal compressed structure. The compact network is then retrained to mitigate the accuracy loss from pruning. Our method is evaluated against several state-of-the-art CNNs on three different classification datasets CIFAR-10/100 and ILSVRC-2012. On the ILSVRC-2012, when removing 64.36 parameters and 63.34 and Top-5 accuracy drop are less than 0.9 without harming overall performance it is possible to compress SSD by more than 50 proposed method can also be applied to other CNNs and application scenarios.


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