Achieving Statistical Optimality of Federated Learning: Beyond Stationary Points

by   Lili Su, et al.

Federated Learning (FL) is a promising framework that has great potentials in privacy preservation and in lowering the computation load at the cloud. FedAvg and FedProx are two widely adopted algorithms. However, recent work raised concerns on these two methods: (1) their fixed points do not correspond to the stationary points of the original optimization problem, and (2) the common model found might not generalize well locally. In this paper, we alleviate these concerns. Towards this, we adopt the statistical learning perspective yet allow the distributions to be heterogeneous and the local data to be unbalanced. We show, in the general kernel regression setting, that both FedAvg and FedProx converge to the minimax-optimal error rates. Moreover, when the kernel function has a finite rank, the convergence is exponentially fast. Our results further analytically quantify the impact of the model heterogeneity and characterize the federation gain - the reduction of the estimation error for a worker to join the federated learning compared to the best local estimator. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to show the achievability of minimax error rates under FedAvg and FedProx, and the first to characterize the gains in joining FL. Numerical experiments further corroborate our theoretical findings on the statistical optimality of FedAvg and FedProx and the federation gains.



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