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Accurate Instance-Level CAD Model Retrieval in a Large-Scale Database

by   Jiaxin Wei, et al.
ShanghaiTech University

We present a new solution to the fine-grained retrieval of clean CAD models from a large-scale database in order to recover detailed object shape geometries for RGBD scans. Unlike previous work simply indexing into a moderately small database using an object shape descriptor and accepting the top retrieval result, we argue that in the case of a large-scale database a more accurate model may be found within a neighborhood of the descriptor. More importantly, we propose that the distinctiveness deficiency of shape descriptors at the instance level can be compensated by a geometry-based re-ranking of its neighborhood. Our approach first leverages the discriminative power of learned representations to distinguish between different categories of models and then uses a novel robust point set distance metric to re-rank the CAD neighborhood, enabling fine-grained retrieval in a large shape database. Evaluation on a real-world dataset shows that our geometry-based re-ranking is a conceptually simple but highly effective method that can lead to a significant improvement in retrieval accuracy compared to the state-of-the-art.


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