Accurate Discretization Of Poroelasticity Without Darcy Stability – Stokes-Biot Stability Revisited

07/20/2020 ∙ by Kent-Andre Mardal, et al. ∙ 0

In this manuscript we focus on the question: what is the correct notion of Stokes-Biot stability? Stokes-Biot stable discretizations have been introduced, independently by several authors, as a means of discretizing Biot's equations of poroelasticity; such schemes retain their stability and convergence properties, with respect to appropriately defined norms, in the context of a vanishing storage coefficient and a vanishing hydraulic conductivity. The basic premise of a Stokes-Biot stable discretization is: one part Stokes stability and one part mixed Darcy stability. In this manuscript we remark on the observation that the latter condition can be generalized to a wider class of discrete spaces. In particular: a parameter-uniform inf-sup condition for a mixed Darcy sub-problem is not strictly necessary to retain the practical advantages currently enjoyed by the class of Stokes-Biot stable Euler-Galerkin discretization schemes.



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