Accurate and Lightweight Image Super-Resolution with Model-Guided Deep Unfolding Network

by   Qian Ning, et al.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) based methods have achieved great success in single image super-resolution (SISR). However, existing state-of-the-art SISR techniques are designed like black boxes lacking transparency and interpretability. Moreover, the improvement in visual quality is often at the price of increased model complexity due to black-box design. In this paper, we present and advocate an explainable approach toward SISR named model-guided deep unfolding network (MoG-DUN). Targeting at breaking the coherence barrier, we opt to work with a well-established image prior named nonlocal auto-regressive model and use it to guide our DNN design. By integrating deep denoising and nonlocal regularization as trainable modules within a deep learning framework, we can unfold the iterative process of model-based SISR into a multi-stage concatenation of building blocks with three interconnected modules (denoising, nonlocal-AR, and reconstruction). The design of all three modules leverages the latest advances including dense/skip connections as well as fast nonlocal implementation. In addition to explainability, MoG-DUN is accurate (producing fewer aliasing artifacts), computationally efficient (with reduced model parameters), and versatile (capable of handling multiple degradations). The superiority of the proposed MoG-DUN method to existing state-of-the-art image SR methods including RCAN, SRMDNF, and SRFBN is substantiated by extensive experiments on several popular datasets and various degradation scenarios.



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