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Accumulate: An identity-based blockchain protocol with cross-chain support, human-readable addresses, and key management capabilities

by   Kyle Michelson, et al.

The Accumulate Protocol ("Accumulate") is an identity-based, Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain designed to power the digital economy through interoperability with Layer-1 blockchains, integration with enterprise tech stacks, and interfacing with the World Wide Web. Accumulate bypasses the trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization by implementing a chain-of-chains architecture in which digital identities with the ability to manage keys, tokens, data, and other identities are treated as their own independent blockchains. This architecture allows these identities, known as Accumulate Digital Identifiers (ADIs), to be processed and validated in parallel over the Accumulate network. Each ADI also possesses a hierarchical set of keys with different priority levels that allow users to manage their security over time and create complex signature authorization schemes that expand the utility of multi-signature transactions. A two token system provides predictable costs for enterprise users, while anchoring all transactions to Layer-1 blockchains provides enterprise-grade security to everyone.


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