Accelerating the Registration of Image Sequences by Spatio-temporal Multilevel Strategies

01/18/2020 ∙ by Hari Om Aggrawal, et al. ∙ 0

Multilevel strategies are an integral part of many image registration algorithms. These strategies are very well-known for avoiding undesirable local minima, providing an outstanding initial guess, and reducing overall computation time. State-of-the-art multilevel strategies build a hierarchy of discretization in the spatial dimensions. In this paper, we present a spatio-temporal strategy, where we introduce a hierarchical discretization in the temporal dimension at each spatial level. This strategy is suitable for a motion estimation problem where the motion is assumed smooth over time. Our strategy exploits the temporal smoothness among image frames by following a predictor-corrector approach. The strategy predicts the motion by a novel interpolation method and later corrects it by registration. The prediction step provides a good initial guess for the correction step, hence reduces the overall computational time for registration. The acceleration is achieved by a factor of 2.5 on average, over the state-of-the-art multilevel methods on three examined optical coherence tomography datasets.



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