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Accelerated Model Checking of Parametric Markov Chains

by   Paul Gainer, et al.

Parametric Markov chains occur quite naturally in various applications: they can be used for a conservative analysis of probabilistic systems (no matter how the parameter is chosen, the system works to specification); they can be used to find optimal settings for a parameter; they can be used to visualise the influence of system parameters; and they can be used to make it easy to adjust the analysis for the case that parameters change. Unfortunately, these advancements come at a cost: parametric model checking is---or rather was---painstakingly slow. To make the analysis of parametric Markov models scale, we need three ingredients: clever algorithms, the right data structure, and good engineering. Clever algorithms are often the main (or sole) selling point; and we face the trouble that this paper focuses on the latter ingredients to efficient model checking. Consequently, our easiest claim to fame is in the speed-up we have realised: around 1.5 to 2 orders of magnitude.


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