Abstracting Deep Neural Networks into Concept Graphs for Concept Level Interpretability

08/14/2020 ∙ by Avinash Kori, et al. ∙ 77

The black-box nature of deep learning models prevents them from being completely trusted in domains like biomedicine. Most explainability techniques do not capture the concept-based reasoning that human beings follow. In this work, we attempt to understand the behavior of trained models that perform image processing tasks in the medical domain by building a graphical representation of the concepts they learn. Extracting such a graphical representation of the model's behavior on an abstract, higher conceptual level would unravel the learnings of these models and would help us to evaluate the steps taken by the model for predictions. We show the application of our proposed implementation on two biomedical problems - brain tumor segmentation and fundus image classification. We provide an alternative graphical representation of the model by formulating a concept level graph as discussed above, which makes the problem of intervention to find active inference trails more tractable. Understanding these trails would provide an understanding of the hierarchy of the decision-making process followed by the model. [As well as overall nature of model]. Our framework is available at <https://github.com/koriavinash1/BioExp>



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