AAG-Stega: Automatic Audio Generation-based Steganography

by   Zhongliang Yang, et al.

Steganography, as one of the three basic information security systems, has long played an important role in safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of data in cyberspace. Audio is one of the most common means of information transmission in our daily life. Thus it's of great practical significance to using audio as a carrier of information hiding. At present, almost all audio-based information hiding methods are based on carrier modification mode. However, this mode is equivalent to adding noise to the original signal, resulting in a difference in the statistical feature distribution of the carrier before and after steganography, which impairs the concealment of the entire system. In this paper, we propose an automatic audio generation-based steganography(AAG-Stega), which can automatically generate high-quality audio covers on the basis of the secret bits stream that needs to be embedded. In the automatic audio generation process, we reasonably encode the conditional probability distribution space of each sampling point and select the corresponding signal output according to the bitstream to realize the secret information embedding. We designed several experiments to test the proposed model from the perspectives of information imperceptibility and information hidden capacity. The experimental results show that the proposed model can guarantee high hidden capacity and concealment at the same time.


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