AAA-least squares rational approximation and solution of Laplace problems

by   Stefano Costa, et al.

A two-step method for solving planar Laplace problems via rational approximation is introduced. First complex rational approximations to the boundary data are determined by AAA approximation, either globally or locally near each corner or other singularity. The poles of these approximations outside the problem domain are then collected and used for a global least-squares fit to the solution. Typical problems are solved in a second of laptop time to 8-digit accuracy, all the way up to the corners, and the conjugate harmonic function is also provided. The AAA-least squares combination also offers a new method for avoiding spurious poles in other rational approximation problems, and for greatly speeding them up in cases with many singularities. As a special case, AAA-LS approximation leads to a powerful method for computing the Hilbert transform or Dirichlet-to-Neumann map.



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