A Wearable Medical Sensor for Provisional Healthcare

by   Amir Javadpour, et al.

Thispaper presents the design and realization of a context-aware wireless health monitoring system for recording the heartbeat (HR) and respiration (RR) rate based on an indirect measurement approach. The system consists of a contact-less medical sensor as well as a communication infrastructure for handling the transmission and reception of the measured results. The contact-less sensor includes a highly sensitive tri-axial accelerometer, an accurate temperature and air pressure sensor that enable one to inspect patients' health condition by continuously monitoring of two critical signs related to the cardiorespiratory system. The developed system can also be utilized in performing a number of long-term inspection on the heart and lungs while measuring the HR and RR values in addition to calculating the HR and RR ratio, which is denoted by HRR. The obtained results show the potential of the developed system for versatile monitoring applications applied to telemedicine



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