A WCET-aware cache coloring technique for reducing interference in real-time systems

by   Fabien Bouquillon, et al.

The predictability of a system is the condition to give saferbound on worst case execution timeof real-time tasks which are running on it. Commercial off-the-shelf(COTS) processors are in-creasingly used in embedded systems and contain shared cache memory. This component hasa hard predictable behavior because its state depends of theexecution history of the systems.To increase predictability of COTS component we use cache coloring, a technique widely usedto partition cache memory. Our main contribution is a WCET aware heuristic which parti-tion task according to the needs of each task. Our experiments are made with CPLEX an ILPsolver with random tasks set generated running on preemptive system scheduled with earliestdeadline first(EDF).


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A WCET-aware cache colouring technique for reducing interference in real-time systems

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