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A Volumetric Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation

by   Ryan Sherman, et al.

Brain cancer can be very fatal, but chances of survival increase through early detection and treatment. Doctors use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to detect and locate tumors in the brain, and very carefully analyze scans to segment brain tumors. Manual segmentation is time consuming and tiring for doctors, and it can be difficult for them to notice extremely small abnormalities. Automated segmentations performed by computers offer quicker diagnoses, the ability to notice small details, and more accurate segmentations. Advances in deep learning and computer hardware have allowed for high-performing automated segmentation approaches. However, several problems persist in practice: increased training time, class imbalance, and low performance. In this paper, I propose applying V-Net, a volumetric, fully convolutional neural network, to segment brain tumors in MRI scans from the BraTS Challenges. With this approach, I achieve a whole tumor dice score of 0.89 and train the network in a short time while addressing class imbalance with the use of a dice loss layer. Then, I propose applying an existing technique to improve automated segmentation performance in practice.


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