A Vision of C-V2X: Technologies, Field Testing and Challenges with Chinese Development

02/20/2020 ∙ by Shenzhi Chen, et al. ∙ 0

C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) is the important enabling technology for autonomous driving and intelligent transportation systems. It evolves from LTE (Long Term Evolution)-V2X to NR (New Radio)-V2X, which will coexist and be complementary with each other to provide low latency, high reliability, and high throughput communications for various C-V2X applications. In this article, a vision of C-V2X is presented. The requirements of the basic road safety and advanced applications, the architecture, the key technologies, and the standards of C-V2X are introduced, highlighting the technical evolution path from LTE-V2X to NR-V2X. Especially, based on the continual and active promotion of C-V2X research, field testing and development in China, the related works and progresses are also presented. Lastly, the trends of C-V2X applications with technical challenges are envisioned.



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