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A Vision for Semantically Enriched Data Science

by   Udayan Khurana, et al.
The University of Chicago

The recent efforts in automation of machine learning or data science has achieved success in various tasks such as hyper-parameter optimization or model selection. However, key areas such as utilizing domain knowledge and data semantics are areas where we have seen little automation. Data Scientists have long leveraged common sense reasoning and domain knowledge to understand and enrich data for building predictive models. In this paper we discuss important shortcomings of current data science and machine learning solutions. We then envision how leveraging "semantic" understanding and reasoning on data in combination with novel tools for data science automation can help with consistent and explainable data augmentation and transformation. Additionally, we discuss how semantics can assist data scientists in a new manner by helping with challenges related to trust, bias, and explainability in machine learning. Semantic annotation can also help better explore and organize large data sources.


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