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A Variational Feature Encoding Method of 3D Object for Probabilistic Semantic SLAM

by   H. W. Yu, et al.
Seoul National University

This paper presents a feature encoding method of complex 3D objects for high-level semantic features. Recent approaches to object recognition methods become important for semantic simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). However, there is a lack of consideration of the probabilistic observation model for 3D objects, as the shape of a 3D object basically follows a complex probability distribution. Furthermore, since the mobile robot equipped with a range sensor observes only a single view, much information of the object shape is discarded. These limitations are the major obstacles to semantic SLAM and view-independent loop closure using 3D object shapes as features. In order to enable the numerical analysis for the Bayesian inference, we approximate the true observation model of 3D objects to tractable distributions. Since the observation likelihood can be obtained from the generative model, we formulate the true generative model for 3D object with the Bayesian networks. To capture these complex distributions, we apply a variational auto-encoder. To analyze the approximated distributions and encoded features, we perform classification with maximum likelihood estimation and shape retrieval.


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