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A variational anisotropic phase-field model of quasi-brittle fracture:Energetic solutions and their computation

by   Mariela Luege, et al.

We derive the variational formulation of an anisotropic gradient damage model with different behaviour at traction and compression and a state dependent dissipation potential by applying the energetic formulation of rate-independent processes. We will also show how such formulation provides the natural framework for setting up a consistent numerical scheme with the underlying variational structure and for the derivation of additional necessary conditions of global optimality in the form of a two-sided energetic inequality. These conditions will form our criteria for making a better choice of the starting guess in the application of the alternating minimization scheme to describe crack propagation as quasistatic evolution of global minimizers of the underlying incremental functional. We will apply the procedure for two- and three-dimensional benchmark problems and we will compare the results with the solution of the weak form of the Euler-Lagrange equations. We will observe that by including the two-sided energetic inequality in our solution method, we describe, for some of the benchmark problems, an equilibrium path when damage starts to manifest, which is different from the one obtained by solving simply the stationariety conditions of the underlying functional.


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