A Unified Framework of Bundle Adjustment and Feature Matching for High-Resolution Satellite Images

by   Xiao Ling, et al.

Bundle adjustment (BA) is a technique for refining sensor orientations of satellite images, while adjustment accuracy is correlated with feature matching results. Feature match-ing often contains high uncertainties in weak/repeat textures, while BA results are helpful in reducing these uncertainties. To compute more accurate orientations, this article incorpo-rates BA and feature matching in a unified framework and formulates the union as the optimization of a global energy function so that the solutions of the BA and feature matching are constrained with each other. To avoid a degeneracy in the optimization, we propose a comprised solution by breaking the optimization of the global energy function into two-step suboptimizations and compute the local minimums of each suboptimization in an incremental manner. Experiments on multi-view high-resolution satellite images show that our proposed method outperforms state-of-the-art orientation techniques with or without accurate least-squares matching.



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