A Type II Fuzzy Entropy Based Multi-Level Image Thresholding Using Adaptive Plant Propagation Algorithm

by   Sayan Nag, et al.

One of the most straightforward, direct and efficient approaches to Image Segmentation is Image Thresholding. Multi-level Image Thresholding is an essential viewpoint in many image processing and Pattern Recognition based real-time applications which can effectively and efficiently classify the pixels into various groups denoting multiple regions in an Image. Thresholding based Image Segmentation using fuzzy entropy combined with intelligent optimization approaches are commonly used direct methods to properly identify the thresholds so that they can be used to segment an Image accurately. In this paper a novel approach for multi-level image thresholding is proposed using Type II Fuzzy sets combined with Adaptive Plant Propagation Algorithm (APPA). Obtaining the optimal thresholds for an image by maximizing the entropy is extremely tedious and time consuming with increase in the number of thresholds. Hence, Adaptive Plant Propagation Algorithm (APPA), a memetic algorithm based on plant intelligence, is used for fast and efficient selection of optimal thresholds. This fact is reasonably justified by comparing the accuracy of the outcomes and computational time consumed by other modern state-of-the-art algorithms such as Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) and Genetic Algorithm (GA).



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