A two-pass fuzzy-geno approach to pattern classification

10/15/2014 ∙ by Subhadip Basu, et al. ∙ 0

The work presents an extension of the fuzzy approach to 2-D shape recognition [1] through refinement of initial or coarse classification decisions under a two pass approach. In this approach, an unknown pattern is classified by refining possible classification decisions obtained through coarse classification of the same. To build a fuzzy model of a pattern class horizontal and vertical fuzzy partitions on the sample images of the class are optimized using genetic algorithm. To make coarse classification decisions about an unknown pattern, the fuzzy representation of the pattern is compared with models of all pattern classes through a specially designed similarity measure. Coarse classification decisions are refined in the second pass to obtain the final classification decision of the unknown pattern. To do so, optimized horizontal and vertical fuzzy partitions are again created on certain regions of the image frame, specific to each group of similar type of pattern classes. It is observed through experiments that the technique improves the overall recognition rate from 86.2 second pass, with 500 training samples of handwritten digits.



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