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A two-layer model for coevolving opinion dynamics and collective decision-making in complex social systems

by   Lorenzo Zino, et al.
University of Groningen
Curtin University

Motivated by the literature on opinion dynamics and evolutionary game theory, we propose a novel mathematical framework to model the intertwined coevolution of opinions and decision-making in a complex social system. In the proposed framework, the members of a social community update their opinions and revise their actions as they learn of others' opinions shared on a communication channel, and observe of others' actions through an influence channel; these interactions determine a two-layer network structure. We offer an application of the proposed framework by tailoring it to study the adoption of a novel social norm, demonstrating that the model is able to capture the emergence of several real-world collective phenomena such as paradigm shifts and unpopular norms. Through the establishment of analytical conditions and Monte Carlo numerical simulations, we shed light on the role of the coupling between opinion dynamics and decision-making, and of the network structure, in shaping the emergence of complex collective behavior in social systems.


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