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A trustable and interoperable decentralized solution for citizen-centric and cross-border eGovernance: A conceptual approach

by   George Domalis, et al.

Aiming to support a cross-sector and cross-border eGovernance paradigm for sharing common public services, this paper introduces an AI-enhanced solution that enables beneficiaries to participate in a decenntralized network for effective big data exchange and service delivery that promotes the once-only priority and is by design digital, efficient, cost-effective, interoperable and secure. The solution comprises (i) a reliable and efficient decentralized mechanism for data sharing, capable of addressing the complexity of the processes and their high demand of resources; (ii) an ecosystem for delivering mobile services tailored to the needs of stakeholders; (iii) a single sign-on Wallet mechanism to manage the transactions with multiple services; and (iv) an intercommunication layer, responsible for the secure exchange of information among existing eGovernment systems with newly developed ones. An indicative application scenario showcases the potential of our approach.


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