A Triplet-loss Dilated Residual Network for High-Resolution Representation Learning in Image Retrieval

by   Saeideh Yousefzadeh, et al.

Content-based image retrieval is the process of retrieving a subset of images from an extensive image gallery based on visual contents, such as color, shape or spatial relations, and texture. In some applications, such as localization, image retrieval is employed as the initial step. In such cases, the accuracy of the top-retrieved images significantly affects the overall system accuracy. The current paper introduces a simple yet efficient image retrieval system with a fewer trainable parameters, which offers acceptable accuracy in top-retrieved images. The proposed method benefits from a dilated residual convolutional neural network with triplet loss. Experimental evaluations show that this model can extract richer information (i.e., high-resolution representations) by enlarging the receptive field, thus improving image retrieval accuracy without increasing the depth or complexity of the model. To enhance the extracted representations' robustness, the current research obtains candidate regions of interest from each feature map and applies Generalized-Mean pooling to the regions. As the choice of triplets in a triplet-based network affects the model training, we employ a triplet online mining method. We test the performance of the proposed method under various configurations on two of the challenging image-retrieval datasets, namely Revisited Paris6k (RPar) and UKBench. The experimental results show an accuracy of 94.54 and 80.23 (mean precision at rank 10) in the RPar medium and hard modes and 3.86 (recall at rank 4) in the UKBench dataset, respectively.


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