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A Transferable Pedestrian Motion Prediction Model for Intersections with Different Geometries

by   Nikita Jaipuria, et al.

This paper presents a novel framework for accurate pedestrian intent prediction at intersections. Given some prior knowledge of the curbside geometry, the presented framework can accurately predict pedestrian trajectories, even in new intersections that it has not been trained on. This is achieved by making use of the contravariant components of trajectories in the curbside coordinate system, which ensures that the transformation of trajectories across intersections is affine, regardless of the curbside geometry. Our method is based on the Augmented Semi Nonnegative Sparse Coding (ASNSC) formulation and we use that as a baseline to show improvement in prediction performance on real pedestrian datasets collected at two intersections in Cambridge, with distinctly different curbside and crosswalk geometries. We demonstrate a 7.2 case of same train and test intersections. Furthermore, we show a comparable prediction performance of TASNSC when trained and tested in different intersections with the baseline, trained and tested on the same intersection.


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